(NOM) 前海之旅

20 11 月 2015 @ 8:00 上午 – 9:00 下午

0800 Gather at Shenzhen 深圳出发
1000 BYD Auto Co., Ltd 比亚迪公司
1200 Lunch
1400 ZTE 中兴通讯
1600 Tencent 腾讯公司
1700 Qianhai 前海展厅、梦工场
1800 Dinner 晚餐

we would like to draw your attention that on 20/11/2015, we will have a congregation zone at Lok Ma Chau Station, as the picture showed below:

Please arrive on time at 7:45am (Gather at Lok Ma Chau Rail Station congregation zone – shop 7.11)

We will leave at 8am, as the coach depart at 8:15am

NP Major Tang/ PNP Henry U/ PNP Spencer Li/ PNP Eric tang / PNP Ken Wong/ PNP Gene Tang/ PNP Paul Wu / NIPP Johnny Kwan / NP Anthony Leung / NPE Brian Kwan