(NOM) Joint Director Meeting + Executive Development Program

25 6 月 2016 @ 1:30 下午 – 5:30 下午
香港石硤尾中華基督教會銘賢書院(石硤尾偉智街一號) 石硤尾港鐵站A出口

Where is it? Click Here
– MTR Shek Kip Mei Station, Exit A
– The Main entrance is on Wai Chi Street
– Highly recommend you to take public transportation

Dress Code: Formal (with chapter’s tie / scarf)


1. The JDM will start at 2pm SHARP. Please arrive earlier and sign your name at the reception table neatly.

2. Do not sign on behalf of other directors of your LOM! Our officers will check the record.

3. For EI to count, signing in at the start AND photo taking at the end are necessary. Please send the group photo of the participating board members to NRRD after JDM. ***The group photo has certain specification – please pay attention to the announcement during JDM. Only group photo adhering to the specification as announced will be accepted for EI purpose.***